Off-Grid Power Selection: Tips For Homeowners

Off-Grid Power Selection: Tips for Homeowners

Transformer Repairs That Can Be Done In The Field

Chester Cunningham

Electrical transformers transfer electricity from one circuit to another. They are designed to raise and lower the voltage output as needed by the different electrical appliances connected to the receiving circuit. If you own or operate a factory or other business with special electrical needs, there are probably a number of transformers on your property. As with every electrical device or part, things can go wrong with the transformers. Trying to take them down and disrupting the flow of electricity is not something you should undertake yourself. If there is a problem, you should call a company to come perform transformer field repairs. Here are a few things they can do right there, so you can have all your machines and appliances working properly again in no time.

Gasket Replacement

Whether the transformers are inside or out, they can be exposed to liquid. Rain and snow outside and humidity inside can seep into the transformers when the gasket is torn, warped, or cracked. The technicians can come to your place, inspect the gaskets, and replace them so you won't have any more trouble due to water. Leaking gaskets not only allow liquid into the transformer, causing the insulation to fail so the circuit is broken, but they can also allow oil to leak out of the transformer, reducing the efficiency of the circuit.

Damaged Wires

Over time, the wires in a transformer may corrode and break apart. When this happens, the power to your machines and appliances may be cut off. Sometimes, the wires are not broken, but they are still damaged enough to prevent a continual flow of power. This results in items turning on and off, which can not only damage the machines but may also cause circuits and the transformers to overload and pop.

Worn Brushes

Inside the transformers are wire brushes that help transfer the electricity. These brushes are against a rotating cylinder that is charged with electricity. Due to the friction, these brushes need to be replaced as they wear down.

If you notice power surges or your machines are running unevenly, contact a company to come and inspect the transformers. You do not want to wait until the transformer blows. This could cause serious damage to anything connected to the circuit. Having to replace large machines, appliances, or other electronic devices will be an expensive problem. Having the transformers looked over and repaired or replaced is going to save you time and money.


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Off-Grid Power Selection: Tips For Homeowners

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