Off-Grid Power Selection: Tips For Homeowners

Off-Grid Power Selection: Tips for Homeowners

Why Your Business Needs Regular Mold Assessments

Chester Cunningham

As a business owner that owns his or her own commercial building, you are of course responsible for the upkeep of your property. This means making sure that the business is providing a safe and clean work area for all employees at all times. One particular area that you might have overlooked in the past is the development of mold. Here's why you should get a mold assessment or inspection for your building on a regular basis.

Improve Air Quality and Prevent Allergies

It's possible to have just enough mold in your building to affect the air quality but not enough to cause a serious health concern. In other words, people's allergies might start acting up, but it won't be so bad that you'll suspect mold is the cause. A regular mold assessment or inspection will help find and eradicate every trace of mold on the premises, leading to much better indoor air quality for all of your customers or clients. You might notice that employees have fewer allergy problems after the mold is cleaned and removed.

Reduce Your Liability

Certain types of mold pose a bigger threat than others. Some types, like black mold, can even become life-threatening when inhaled. A regular mold inspection will ensure that all mold, but especially the most dangerous types, is accounted for and removed as needed. This will reduce the chances of anyone getting seriously sick or even dying because of mold on your premises. A regular inspection will make a legal case against you much less likely, and you can use the inspections as proof that you tried your best and were not negligent if something goes wrong and results in legal action.

Avoid Damage to Wood

If your building uses a large amount of wood in its construction, you might be more prone to structural damage from mold than other building types The thing about mold is that you usually don't notice it until it's too late. If you have water damage hiding behind a wall somewhere, it won't take long for mold to start to form. The water damage combined with the mold will eat away at your wood structure, and the entire building could become less stable as a result. A regular mold assessment or inspection will have a professional check in on these hard-to-see places to ensure that everything is as it should be. 

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